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Speak Out: Chicago Cubs, Teamsters and EPA

To all the Chicago Cubs fans: I know you’re suffering because of that loss that knocked you out of going to the playoffs but think of this: You had a better run than the Chicago White Sox, and I’m one of their fans. I’m one of their biggest fans but, like anything else, rebuilding’s going to take time so what you might want to say is that you’ve got to tighten up your buckle, so to speak, and take it with a grin and say, “Wait till next year.” Good luck, Cubs fans, for next year.

John, Bridgeport

The Chicago Cubs are pitiful. The minor league Iowa Cubs played well and the Major League club couldn’t hit their way out of a paper bag. The Chicago Cubs are pathetic. I was tired of looking at Manager Joe Maddon in the dugout with that paper stuck in his face. That must’ve been a talking book telling him what moves to make. He’s pitiful. They were terrible. They should’ve given up and started rebuilding for next season because they weren’t going to make the playoffs. I can’t believe a club that played so good a couple of seasons ago has fallen flat on their faces. Cub fans can’t wait another 108 years for the next World Series championship.

Fifty-four percent of the rank-and-file Teamsters voted down the United Parcel Service contract. But because of the alleged deals between unions and employers – especially at UPS, FedEx and everywhere else like that – that vote was unratified because of some clause about less than 50 percent of the rank and file voting. . .

Tom, Burbank

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is now telling us a little radiation might be good for you. If you believe this, then you should believe that you will win the next Powerball drawing.

BJ, Hazel Crest

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