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Revisiting the prospects: 20 years ago

We’re heading into the 2019 season, so today let’s take a look back at the Baseball America Top 100 Prospect list from 1999.

I’ll focus on players with Cubs connections (whether they were Cubs at the time or not) as we rewind back to 20 years ago. 

6. Michael Barrett (Expos)

Of course he’s best known for… winning the 2005 National League Silver Slugger at catcher.

10. Matt Clement (Padres)

The forgotten man in the early 2000’s Cubs rotation with Zambrano, Wood and Prior.

16. Corey Patterson (Cubs)

The last 20 HR-20 SB Cubs season (2004) prior to Javier Báez.

37. Chad Hermansen (Pirates)

Played 35 games for the Cubs in 2002; 10th overall pick in 1995.

39. Alfonso Soriano (Yankees)

The first Cubs $100 million man. 

50. Michael Restovich

6-foot-6 240-pound outfielder played 10 games for the Cubs in 2006.

66. Ted Lilly (Expos)

One of only 11 lefties to make at least 100 starts with Cubs.

73. Gary Matthews Jr. (Padres)

The son of the Sarge.

74. Darnell McDonald (Orioles)

25 games for the Cubs in 2013 – later the Cubs Mental Skills Coordinator.

80. Wade Miller (Astros)

Made 8 appearances with the Cubs in 2006-07. Was at his best in the Astros rotation earlier that decade. 

86. Milton Bradley (Expos)

He led the AL in OPS in 2008. Then he signed with the Cubs…

89. Jason Marquis (Braves)

He hit a grand slam for the Cubs in 2008. He also pitched.

93. Carlos Peña (Rangers)

The last lefty not named Rizzo to lead the Cubs in home runs.

97. Scott Williamson (Reds)

Pitched in 48 games for the Cubs in 2005-06. Won 1999 NL Rookie of the Year with Reds.


42.  Chad Hutchinson (Cardinals)

Pitched in 3 games for the Cardinals in 2001… started 5 games as Chicago Bears quarterback in 2004.


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