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Joe Maddon’s son suggests Cubs will move on from manager

Soon after the Chicago Cubs were swiftly bounced from the 2018 MLB playoffs by losing in the National League wild card game to Colorado, speculation began to build that well-known manager Joe Maddon, who will be a free agent next offseason, could be on the hot seat. The team quickly announced that Maddon would return for the 2019 season, but nothing was confirmed beyond that.

Maddon’s agent Alan Nero later castigated the media in an interview with the Chicago Tribune for supposedly fanning the flames around his client’s job prospects, claiming that Maddon would receive an extension down the line and that this was all a non-story.

Apparently, Nero also has to have a talk with Maddon’s own son.

If his son is to be believed, Joe Maddon’s time in Chicago is limited. (AP Photo)

Joe Maddon’s son lays bare the Cubs’ plans for his father

When news broke that the Los Angeles Dodgers had handed a four-year contract extension to manager Dave Roberts, who was also slated to be a free agent next offseason, Maddon’s son, Joseph, took to social media to complain that the Cubs have not done the same for his father.

In one tweet, Maddon noted that Roberts had not won a World Series, unlike his father, and yet Maddon was apparently the one that was “soon to be a free agent.”

Screenshot of Joseph Maddon’s tweet.

Joseph Maddon also went on Instagram to post a much more vulgar grievance over the situation, laying out his father’s resume, saying the Cubs front office had lost all confidence in him and calling the the team’s apparent plans to let him go “bulls—.”

Screenshot of Joseph Maddon’s Instagram Story.

Some social media users noted the younger Maddon’s identity and how bad of a look it was to belittle Roberts by using the status belonging to his father. Maddon didn’t disagree.

Screenshot of Joseph Maddon’s Instagram Story.

This is obviously a reaction that both the Cubs and Maddon likely aren’t happy with. His son’s heart might be in the right place, but Maddon has been managing for more than a decade and has won three Manager of the Year awards. He doesn’t need his son out there trying to alter his public perception by telling everyone that his team wants to cut him loose as soon as his contract is up.

As for the Cubs, assuming they indeed have plans to move on from Maddon after this season, they probably don’t want someone close to the manager airing dirty laundry over the conflict earlier than needed. It’s a piece of drama that will only intensify a possible lame-duck season for a manager that is still pretty popular in Chicago thanks to that whole “Winning a World Series” thing.

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