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It seems to us – The milkman rings no more; the Bills call it a year; and a friend comes home – The Buffalo News

It was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise to learn that the last milkman working in Erie County was going to retire this week. Not because Brad Hellert is hanging it up, but because so few people knew that any milkman was still making his deliveries anywhere in America. For those of a certain age, it was a charming reminder of what they thought was a The long-gone era.

Hellert, the owner of Hillside Dairy in Akron, has been on the milk beat for 20 years. The family business stretches back to 1915 (with a break from 1979 to 1988), with Hellert’s father and grandfather also making deliveries.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised, though. With several drive-in movie theaters still operating in a 50-mile radius of Buffalo, this is a place that, happily, hangs onto traditions.

The Buffalo Bills wrap up the 2018 season Sunday as the Miami Dolphin visit New Era Field and, with a dreary 5-10 record, no one would call the season successful.

It was especially disappointing following the 2017 season, when the Bills posted their first winning season since 2014 and, more than that, ended an 18-year playoff drought. Expectations were high as September arrived.

Oh, well.

But Bills fans are nothing if not loyal. They’ll be back as next fall approaches, certain that this will be the year. And look at it this way: the team has a long way to go before it matches the Chicago Cubs’ 108-year World Series drought. Here’s hoping it ends sooner than that.

Here’s an especially merry Christmas story out of New Jersey: According to the Associated Press, a man identified only as John T. has his dog stolen from his car more than a year ago. He had taken his Yorkie on vacation to Virginia when some miscreant took the pooch.

Fortunately, Mr. T. had the foresight to have a microchip implanted in his friend and when it recently landed in a Richmond-area animal shelter, workers not only notified him of the find, but delivered the four-footed gift to his home in New Jersey. That’s what you call a good day.

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