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Chicago Cubs

Game of Thrones and the Cubs’ Long Winter (Part 2)


Chicago Cubs

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

If you loved the first installment of our Game of Thrones-Chicago Cubs feature, then you’re going to love what we’ve got headed your way in this segment.

Chicago Cubs star Javier Baez is one of the most exuberant and dynamic players in all of baseball.  He is daring, a bit flamboyant at times, confident, exciting, and always seems to be having fun on the baseball field.  He also has the ability to play just about anywhere on the diamond and wear many hats.

And, while he is just one of the many in a young core of Cubs’ position players, he always seems younger because he plays with the passion and joy of a kid. This past year, he came into his own, matured with the bat, and really took over the mantle of most complete all-around Cubs’ player in Kris Bryant‘s absence.

Should we start calling his bat “needle?” Who better to play the diminutive yet always shifty and dangerous youngest Stark daughter, Arya? Arya has been trained by the Faceless Men and is a stealthy assassin who can hurt you in any number of different ways from any number of different positions, wearing any number of faces.

She is also smart, confident, and fearless.  Sounds like a perfect fit for Javy Baez, the emotional leader of this young Cubs’ core. As Arya Stark seems to be the heart and soul of the proud Stark family, Baez has taken up that same mantle with the Chicago Cubs.

Now, of course, we are just looking to see what both Javy and Arya do for an “encore” after coming into their own as players in their respective games. Will Arya play a role in defeating the Night King and helping to restore some semblance of peace and prosperity to the realm? Will Baez help the Cubs bring back some hardware to the Windy City? As the prog-rock super group Asia once crooned, “Only Time Will Tell.”

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