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Cubs Partnering With Controversial Broadcast Company for New TV Deal

​The Chicago Cubs and Donald Trump might be the only two topics of discussion on the team’s new broadcasting network. Yup, we’re serious. Kinda.

The team’s regional television deal with NBC Sports Chicago will be up after the 2019 season, and the franchise intends on starting their own network called Marquis (some reports have referred to it is Marquee). The only problem is that they’re teaming up with Sinclair Broadcast Group to do so.

So, what’s the problem with Sinclair? Earlier this year, they forced their anchors on almost 200 television stations to record a promo “informing” the audience about the dangers of fake news. The right-leaning media brand, however, is famous for defending and making apologies for ​the same U.S. President that weaponizes fake news to protect his fragile ego. The boilerplate statement read word-for-word by allegedly local journalists sets the stage for coordinated campaigns of disinformation, plain and simple.

Many of the newsrooms were already infuriated by the broadcast group’s pushing of a right-wing agenda. The promo only made it worse.

And now, the Cubs are getting involved in this morass.

A very bold strategy by ​the Cubs organization. Sinclair has been soured by their outrageous editorial agenda. We don’t need this tainting our experience in sports.

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