An avid Cubs fan carved a replica of a 2016 World Series ring in a pumpkin, and it’s truly incredible.

Robert Greenfield on Wednesday shared his finished masterpiece on Twitter with the caption: “If you want a Cubs championship ring, sometimes you just have to carve one yourself. Happy Halloween!”

In true Chicago sports fan fashion, Greenfield, a Highland Park native who moved to Toronto, Canada, in 2002, designed and carved the pumpkin while watching the Bears-Patriots game on Sunday.

While he wasn’t sure exactly how long it took him to finish the task, Greenfield said the hardest and most time-consuming part of the project was tracing the design on to the pumpkin, which he did by using an enlarged printout of the ring backed with transfer paper.

Once the outline was on the pumpkin, Greenfield used a Dremel power rotary tool for the majority of the shaving. He also used a power drill to poke the holes on the front, which represent the ring’s diamonds.

Asked why Greenfield decided to carve former Cubs reliever and painter Justin Grimm’s ring, Greenfield tweeted: “Who better than a Cub who goes by @GrimmReaper_52 for a Halloween pumpkin? (And, ok, a short name helps make carving easier, too!)”

Check out more pictures of the ring